Please use the following steps to upload a spreadsheet of your members.

1. Export a spreadsheet file (.csv, .xls, or .xlsx) from your registration software. This will differ based on the registration system you use. 

2. Match the headers to your upload settings in ePACT. 

3. Manipulate the data in your spreadsheet to make sure it uploads as expected. 

4. Save your spreadsheet in a compatible format (.xlsx, .xls, or .csv). Are you uploading a CSV file? If so, please be sure to use UTF-8 encoding.

5. Log into your ePACT account and go to your dashboard. Click +Add Members, then Upload Spreadsheet.

6. Click Browse, select the file from your computer, click Open, then click Pick Upload Type.

7. Select your Upload Type.

8. Click View Validation Status

9. Click Download Validation Report

10. Review your Validation Report.

11. If you are satisfied with your validation, check the box next to I am satisfied with the results of my spreadsheet validation, and click Upload Spreadsheet.

12. Your spreadsheet is now being uploaded. Click View Dashboard to return to your dashboard.