Your Health Screening Questions are a group of questions that admins will be required to collect responses to each time a member checks in. You can have up to 25 questions, and the responses to the questions must be either 'yes' or 'no'.

Questions answered 'no' will be denoted as 'PASS', questions answered 'yes' will be denotes as 'FAIL', so please word your screening questions accordingly.

To access the check-in/out settings, from your dashboard, click "Organization Settings" then "Health Screening Settings". From here you'll see the following page:

"Turn on health screening questions?" means that admins will be required to collect responses to a set of health screening questions for each member before check-in.

"Enable pre-screening for the health screening questions" will allow members to answer health screening questions before they arrive for check in.

"Allow admin to select no to all questions in one go" allows administrators to answer 'no' to all health screening questions at once when checking in a member. This will help to speed up the check in process for members.

"Allow admin to skip screening questions" allows administrators to not answer answering health screening questions for members who are checking in.

"Turn on Temperature Check" means that admins will be required to check the temperature of each member before each check-in.

"Fever Threshold" is the temperature allowed before a member fails a pre-screening. For example if the threshold is 100.4, and their temperature is 100.5, they will be marked as a 'Fail'.

"Enable pre-screening for the temperature check" allows legal guardians to record the temperature of the member they are checking in on their own device and submit it to your organization each day. This will save your admins time when checking in large amounts of members, since they won't have to collect this information themselves.

"Answer reset time" is the time each day members pre-screening answers (for health questions and temperature check) are reset. This prevents guardians from submitting answers too early, or reusing the same answers for multiple days. The reset time is set as Pacific Standard Time.

Health Screening Questions:

"Add Another Question" will add a new space for you to type another question in (Up to 25 total questions).

"Remove" is used if you wish to delete a question from the list.

"Save" will save any changes you've made to the health questions.

For more information on Check-in/out settings in general, please visit our help article here.

Be sure to click Save when you're done making your selections. Please also Update Member Records In the ePACT Admin App to ensure the new settings take effect.