A spreadsheet is the most efficient way to add your members to your ePACT account!

 1) Export a member list out of your registration system as a spreadsheet. Please see the spreadsheet template below for an example of what you will need. Only four fields are required:

  • First Name of Player
  • Last Name of Player 
  • Member ID, typically the Sports Association ID or their Registration ID. This needs to be unique to each member (e.g. siblings cannot have the same Member ID) and will be used to match athletes to their teams later on in the season  
  • Email (you can include up to 3 emails for each athlete, but please be sure that these are for the parent and not the athlete themselves)

2) If you would like to upload additional data, like Division or Team, please include additional columns with that data. If your athletes have not been assigned to teams yet, you can upload another spreadsheet later on in the season with this information (just be sure that spreadsheet has the same Member IDs as your original spreadsheet)

3) Once your spreadsheet is ready,
 follow these instructions to upload it to your account.