Please see this help article for further information, including the definition, of Filterable and Alertable items in ePACT: How can items be filterable and/or alertable items in ePACT?

Admins can search for members in the Search bar by the following:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Member ID

Members can also be sorted by clicking or double-clicking the headers in the dashboard's table:

  • Name
  • Member ID
  • Email
  • Session or Division
  • Date Submitted
  • Date Downloaded 

Admins can also use the Advanced Search and Filter tool to filter members by the following parameters (PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR FILTER DEFAULT IS TO SEARCH AND/OR):


  • Status
  • Group Names
  • Group Names Not (negative filter): see below for more detail on this filter
  • Medical & Dietary
  • Consent & Other Questions
  • Files
  • Session or Division
  • Comments
  • Verified for Texts
  • Flagged Conditions
  • Member Record & File Reviewed Status
  • Date Range for Start Date, Date Submitted, & Date Downloaded

Once the initial filtering has taken place, admins are able to carry out a secondary action on the filtered list, such as sending an email or exporting the list of filtered members. After the secondary action has been completed and the admin returns to the dashboard, the filters will still be maintained to allow additional actions. To clear the previously selected filters, click the Clear All button.

What is the Group Names Not filter and why would I use it?

The Group Names Not filter (highlighted above in yellow) allows quick exclusion of members belonging to the group(s) selected in this filter. Please note that this filter takes priority over the other filters selected.

For example, an organization might have a policy where all submitted ePACT information for Tennis Camp must be reviewed by an Admin prior to the camp beginning. Before beginning Week 2 of Tennis Camp, an Admin needs to filter all members in Tennis Camps for Week 2 and Week 3 so they can review their submitted ePACT information and files. However, they wish to exclude any members who participated in Week 1 of Tennis Camp because those members' information would have already been reviewed. They can do this by using the Group Names filter along with the Group Names Not filter.