The Updates and Reports section can be found on the top-right side of your organization's dashboard.

Here’s a quick overview of the functionality you can access, if available:

Undelivered Messages - Click 'View' to see any emails that have returned as undelivered. 

Members with Files Uploaded - Click ‘View’ to filter for your members who have a file attached to their record (uploaded by your administration team, or the member).

Account Activity Log - Click ‘View’ to see an activity history of any tasks for 50+ members in your account. This includes sending messages (invites, reminders, reconfirm messages, general messages, emergency messages), modifying groups, disconnecting members, removing administrators, and more. This article has a breakdown of everything you’ll find in the Account Activity Log.

Member Archives
- Click ‘View’ to see the 50 most recent archives in your organization that meet your search criteria.

Check In Check Out Archives - Click 'View' to access your organization's check-in/out archive. 


PLEASE NOTE: For any actions involving MORE than 50 users, you will receive an email confirmation to alert you that the action is completed.