This article will show you how to Configure 2FA on your MOBILE Iphone/Android Device ONLY.

If you are an organization Admin/Staff member, and you are receiving the following message below when trying to login through the ePACT admin App whether it is on your Mobile/Ipad/Tablet Devices, this is because you have not yet installed the Google Authenticator App on your Phone on your Mobile/IPAD/Tablet and you have not yet configured 2FA,

Message: Two Factor Authentication has been enabled for your organization. In order to continue, please configure your two factor authentication in the portal

Step 1: Click on the Hyperlink in this message displaying ePACT Portal
Step 2: This will take you directly to your Mobiles browser, to our ePACT website 
Step 3: Enter your Username and Login
Step 4: Once logged in, you will see the following screen below with a KEY in Red. You will need to enter this key  in your Google authenticator App. 

Make sure you copy the key before you head on over to the Google Authenticator App. 

Step 5: Go back into your Google authenticator app you downloaded from the app store
Step 6: Click the + Sign on the bottom right hand side of the screen (May be different if you are an android user)
Step 7:  Two visible Icons should pop up - Scan a QR code & Enter a setup key. You will need to tap on the "Enter a Setup Key" Icon.

Step 8: Paste your Code in  the box presented to you and click "Add"

You can now successfully login using 2FA.

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