Before allowing your staff to sign in using multiple logins on your organizations IPAD/or Tablet device, we recommend that organizations have their staff use their own mobile device to scan their Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) QR CODE from their Desktop first (ehen initially using 2FA)

This will ensure that they always have a Google Authentication Code available on their Mobile Phone's Google Authenticator App (See image below) 

Note: For your security, authentication codes refresh every 30 seconds. You will notice a time limit on each code. Once the timer gets to the 4-5 second mark, the code turns red from blue (alerting you that this code will expire so you will need to use the next one that generates)  

Staff can securely enter their unique code from their mobile device and securely login on their Organizations IPAD.

Once a member from your staff is done using the IPAD, they can then sign out, and have another member login using 2FA the same way.

Key take away: As long as if staff have their Phone/Mobile device with them and have the Google Authenticator App installed with their Unique Authentication Code, they can continue to sign in and out of their account securely using the Organizations Device.

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