When creating custom groups, you can lock the group to keep it from being disrupted by API sync or spreadsheet upload actions.

When would I want to lock a manually created custom group?

  • Your organization wants to create a group that is not in your main registration software system.
  • Your organization needs to create sub-group(s) of a group. For example, your organization has Tennis Camp Week 1 that on the first day of camp you wish to split into three sub-groups: Tennis Camp Week 1 - BLUE; Tennis Camp Week 2 - RED; Tennis Camp Week 1 - GREEN. You don't want the API sync to disrupt the manually created sub-groups. 

How do I lock a group?

Checking the checkbox beside Locked (Allow only manual changes) ensures the group and its assigned members remain intact regardless of syncs or spreadsheet uploads.

Key to note:

Once a group is locked, no automatic changes will occur to the group. That means should a member withdraw from the group, they will not be automatically disconnected as they are with an unlocked group during API syncs or spreadsheets uploads. Manual maintenance is required of locked groups.