What does a green checkmark beside a member's name mean?

For licensing or internal policy purposes many organizations are required to review their members' records and uploaded files. ePACT gives your organization the ability to manually review and quickly mark a member's ePACT information as having being reviewed through the More Actions button. 

 How do I mark a member as "Reviewed" or "Un Reviewed"?

1. Select the member(s) you wish to mark as being Reviewed or Un Reviewed.

2. Under the More Actions button, select the desired option: Mark as Reviewed or Mark as Un Reviewed.

How can I quickly find a list of members who have been Reviewed or need to be Reviewed?

Using the Advanced Search and Filter tool, select either Reviewed or Un Reviewed from the Other Options section.

Key to note

  • Only Members in a Submitted or Downloaded status may be marked as "Reviewed". 
  • If a member has the Reviewed Status checkmark beside their name and is sent a Reconfirmation request, they will still retain the green checkmark box beside their name until their record has been submitted. At the point of ePACT record resubmission, the green checkbox denoting "Reviewed Status" will be removed from beside the member's name.