What is the Shared Files page?

The Shared Files page allows members to share documents with your organization. These documents can be Birth Certificates, Immunization Records, Insurance Documents, Medical Exams, etc., that members upload and submit when completing their forms. 

Organization Administrators can add, remove and edit Shared File containers from the Settings section on the dashboard. 

For those organizations on the Enterprise Licensing package, the added functionality of staff uploading files and sharing those files with the parent/guardian/member is also an option. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or ePACT Support for more information.

Accessing the Shared Files Editor:

1. Log in to your ePACT Organization Administrator account and access the dashboard of the desired organization.

2. Click Settings on the top right-hand side of the page.

3. Click Files from the options on the left menu.

Editing the Shared File Containers

ePACT provides several standard Shared File containers. By default, all standard Shared File containers are published and visible when filling out the form.

To remove an unwanted Shared File container:

1.  Click the pencil icon beside the name of the container you would like to remove.

2.  Click the Save as draft button at the bottom of the text box.

All unpublished (not visible) Shared File containers will appear under Draft. 


To edit standard Shared File containers

ePact provides several standard Shared Files containers with pre-populated descriptions. You can edit the descriptions of the standard Shared File containers as needed.

1.  Click on the name of the standard Shared File container you would like to edit.

2.  Add additional text or complete any edits as needed. You can add typographical emphasis such as bold, italic, underline, bullet points, etc., using the editor at the top of the Description box.

3. Click Publish to save changes.

To add or edit a custom Shared File container:

1. To add a custom Shared File container, click the Add new file button at the top of the Files page. To edit an already existing custom Shared File container, click the Edit (pencil) icon beside the name of the container you wish to edit. 

2.  Enter the name of the custom Shared Files container and add instructions or a brief description of the type of document to upload in that container.  A text editor found along the top of the Description box allows edits to the text. 

ePACT can host your Organization Specific forms for members to access, download, fill out and upload to a Shared File container.  You can include hyperlinks in the Description box that redirect members to your Organization Specific forms, or to another website as needed. 

3. You can make the container required (a document must be uploaded in that container to complete the form) by selecting Yes or No.

4. Click Publish once you have entered the desired information. The newly created container will be visible on your form.

If you have Multi-lingual enabled:

Once Multi-lingual is enabled on your dashboard, all Shared Files will require translations in the enabled language(s) before they can be Published.

1. Click the Edit (pencil) icon under Actions to add your translation in the desired language. 
2. On the Edit translations page, the English text will appear on the left and other enabled language(s) will appear on the right.

3. Once you have added the translations, click Continue

4. Click Publish. The newly created container will now be visible on your form.