In ePACT you have the option to share files at any time, with any organization you are already linked to. You can add an allergy plan, doctor's report, immunization records, etc.  

Please be sure to upload the file under the correct category so your organization can quickly filter and locate it.

1. Log into your ePACT account. Under My Household, click your dependent's name and select Personal Profile.

2. At the top of the screen, select Files.

3. If your file is already uploaded skip to step 7, otherwise select Upload file.

4. Click Browse file.

5. Navigate to the file you wish to upload on your device, and click Open.

6. Enter a description for the file you've uploaded, and click Upload.

7. Click the three dot button (...) next to the file you wish to share, and click Share.

8. Select the Share button next to the name of the organization you wish to share the file with.

9. Select the type of file you are sharing in the drop down menu, and select Share.

10. Click Share to confirm that the file will be shared, and can't be deleted.

11. You will see a window confirming that your file has now been shared, and is immediately available to view by the organization.