When entering emergency information for yourself or a dependent, you will have the option to upload additional files or documents on the Shared Files step. You can add an allergy plan, doctor's report, immunization records, etc. 

Please note that your organization might require a specific form that MUST be added before you can share. This will be indicated by a red asterisk*.

Please be sure to upload the file under the correct category so your organization can quickly filter and locate it.

1. Complete your request until you reach the Shared Files section, or simply click on Shared Files in the request menu.

2. Locate the category you wish to upload a file to, and click Add file. 

3. Select Upload File.

4. Choose Browse File, and then locate and select the file you wish to upload. 

5. If necessary, enter a description for the file you are uploading, and then click Upload.

6. Make sure the file you wish to share is selected, and click Add file.

7. Click Add file again to confirm your file will shared and can't be deleted.

8. Click Continue at the bottom of the Shared Files step to continue to the next step and submit the record. If a specific file is required, you won't be able to share the record until you've added the required document in the Shared Files step (a required file type will have a red asterisk * next to it).