*Before deleting existing published waivers, ensure any completed records are archived either with Auto-archiving or by manually archiving records. (Deleted waivers will disappear from records 24 hours after removal).

1. Access your existing waivers from Settings on your dashboard.

2. After you have archived if needed, choose the waiver you wish to delete and click on the trash bin.

3. Click Delete to Confirm 

Please note that actions are NOT reversible. If you delete a published waiver accidentally, it will no longer be available to new members and it will disappear from existing records. You will need to re-add and ask members to sign off on this again via a reconfirm and will not have the original date of acceptance UNLESS you took an archive first. Please be sure to take archives when making ANY changes or purchase our Auto-archiving feature (a "set it and forget" feature that tracks ALL changes and will automatically delete records when no longer needed.)