This happens when a parent accidentally selects the same child more than once for the same organization, submitting information for one or more sibling all under one invite. For your organization, you will see this:

If this is the case, this is user error and the parent will need to review all three records and make sure to carefully select the right dependents for each invite as each invite is connected to the specific group the child is registered for.

1. Alert the family that they will need to review all records and that they must carefully read the who each request is for. For example:

Dear Parent, 

It looks like you selected one of your children twice when completing their ePACT record. Please note that each request is unique for each child, so the correct profile must be selected for each request. 

I will re-send you all 3 requests shortly. Please be sure to check the name on each request and match it to the correct profile in your ePACT account. If the profile does not yet exist- ePACT will prompt you to create one - it will be the first choice give and it will say "Add and Accept". 

All common family information will pre-populate, so you'll only need to fill out the specific health information for this child. For the existing profiles, it will only a few seconds to review. Doing this ensure we have the correct information for each child, so we can best support them in case of an emergency. 


{Your Name}.

2. For the Duplicate record, click on the Edit Icon and then click on "Reset Member"- followed by "OK".  Click on "Save".

 This will put this record back in "To Be Invited".

3. This will return to the All Member Records tab, with this record selected. Click on Message Members>Invite and follow the prompts to invite this member again. 

4. Now, select the other sibling records who are in Submitted and click on Message Members>Reconfirm and follow the prompts.