As part of being an admin for a SPORG, you will have access to send messages to each member of all of your organizations at once.

To send a Super Organization wide message, sign into your account, and click on 'My Organizations' at the top of the screen. You should see your Super Organization listed there, and then click the 'Manage' button next to it.

On the next screen, click the 'Send Message' 

You will then see a screen where you can select the type of message to send: 'Invite', 'General Message' or 'Emergency Message'. Once you select the message type, you will be presented with another drop down option box to select the template you would like to use for the message. After selecting the template, you will be able to select individual organizations to message, or 'Select All' to send the message to members of all your organization. The screen will look something like this when you're ready to move on:

After clicking 'Next' you'll be brought to a page where you can select which contacts for a member will be messaged. By default, members or legal guardians are always selected.

Click 'Review Message' to move on to the 'Review Message' screen, where you'll be able to enter your message. The first box is for the message that will be sent by email to all selected contacts. Any text in the boxes below it will be sent to the same contacts either by SMS or by computerized Voice Message.

Clicking 'Preview Message' will bring you to the last screen, where you can preview what your email will look like to the contacts who receive it. Please note that {organizationName} will automatically fill in with your organization's name when the message is sent.

The green 'Send Message' button will send your messages to all selected contacts, across your entire organization. You should recieve this message to let you know your messages have been sent.