As ePACT currently does not have an "undo" button, we've added an additional safeguard to bulk actions to prevent unwanted large actions that are difficult to revert. 

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FOR ACTIONS THAT INVOLVE MORE THAN 50 MEMBERS. If you meant to select only a few members, but more than 50 end up being selected, you will now have a chance to cancel the action and try again. 

Once you select more than 50 records, you will now have to "Start the Action" in the Activity Log.

1. Select more than 50 records for one of the following actions:

  • Sending messages (any, including reconfirms)
  • Disconnecting members
  • Reverting Members
  • Removing Members/Admins

2. Follow the steps as you normally would, however, now (when you're done) you'll see this page. Click on, "Go to Account Activity Log".

3. Check that the correct number of members are selected. If so, click on "Start Action". If there is an error, please click on "Cancel Action" and try again. 'View' will give you more details.

4. Click on "Ok" on the next screen and the action will start right away!

5. You will see our usual bulk action message.