If you opt to keep the Member ID of the Duplicate record- you'll need to update this on ePACT. 

1. Click on the Edit icon for the DUPLICATE record.

2. Copy the Member ID. 

3. Click on Cancel and then select the Duplicate record and then click on More Actions>Disconnect. You will be brought to the Disconnected Tab. If you don't see the Duplicate- please REFRESH your browser.

4. Select the Duplicate again and this time "Remove Member" and then say Yes.

5. Return to the All Member Records tab and this time click "Edit" on the Submitted Record.

6. Now paste the Member ID from the removed Duplicate file in the Member ID. Click on "Save".

7. On the next API call, this record will be added to all the groups this member is listed in your registration system. If you need to add them to a group immediately- please select them and click on More Actions>Add to Groups and then select the correct groups on the next page.