There are 2 possible reasons- either there is two or more profiles in your registration system for the same child OR the parent accidentally selected the same child twice instead of creating/using a sibling profile to complete the record.


Every member in ePACT is identified according to a unique Member ID. Occasionally, parents (or organizations) might accidentally register the same member using a different Member ID in your registration system, either in the same or subsequent years. When this happens, your organization’s registration system assigns a NEW member ID to the same child. Since ePACT doesn't know it's the same child, it creates a duplicate record in your organization dashboard. 

For Example:

1. Parent registers Child 1 for Week 3 of camps and receives an ePACT request which they complete and submit.

2. Parent (or organization) registers Child 1 for Week 6 of camps but uses a different login in your registration system.

3. This creates a duplicate record for the same child in ePACT and the parent receives another ePACT request.

How do I fix this?

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Parents may not be aware that common information for families automatically populates for siblings. So they may do the record for say Child 1 and when they come to complete it for child 2, they select the profile for Child 1 instead of creating a new one.

 For example, in the case below- the request if for Jess. The parent should click on Add and Accept the first profile- but they may choose Yanira or Kelly's profile instead because they missed that the invite was for Jess or they want the info from Yanira's account to transfer over.

For Organizations, this will then show as a Duplicate without a matching Submitted record.

This is an issue as you then have Jess's information listed for Yanira or Kelly. 

How do I fix this?

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