Why are there duplicates in ePACT?

Every member in ePACT is identified according to a unique Member ID. Occasionally, parents (or organizations) might accidentally register the same member using a different Member ID in your registration system, either in the same or subsequent years. When this happens, your organization’s registration system assigns a NEW member ID to the same child. Since ePACT doesn't know it's the same child, it creates a duplicate record in your organization dashboard. 

For Example:

1. Parent registers Child 1 for Week 3 of camps and receives an ePACT request which they complete and submit.

2. Parent (or organization) registers Child 1 for Week 6 of camps but uses a different login in your registration system.

3. This creates a duplicate record for the same child in ePACT and the parent receives another ePACT request.

How do I fix this?

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