Currently the Check-in/out Archive in .csv format displays the "Created Date" and "Device Created Date" columns as UNIX timestamps (e.g. "1.5724E+12" or "1572432549145"). 

We are in the process of correcting this to display a date and time instead. 

Please follow the steps below to convert the timestamp into a date and time format. 

Assume the first UNIX timestamp value is in column A, row 2 and the timezone we're in is Pacific Standard Time. 

In a new column enter the formula: 


If the UNIX timestamp value is in another column and row, change the formula accordingly instead of A2.

Depending on your timezone, update the number 8 to reflect the number of hours away from UTC you were on the day of the event/sheet (please pay attention to the Daylight Saving Time differences). 

Input 5 for Eastern Standard Time or 4 for Eastern Daylight Time

Input 6 for Central Standard Time or 5 for Central Daylight Time

Input 7 for Mountain Standard Time or 6 for Mountain Daylight Time

Input 8 for Pacific Standard Time or 7 for Pacific Daylight Time

Input 10 for Hawaii Standard Time

Once you've entered the formula another number will show, now we need to convert this number to a date and time. Right click on the cell with the new number and choose "Format Cells".

Under the "Number" tab, choose "Custom", select "mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm", and click "OK". This will now show the date and time of the Check-in/out action for your timezone. 

While still in the cell with the formula, double click the green box in the lower-right corner of the cell to fill the formula down to the end of the data set. 

Match the name of the new column to the old one and repeat the above steps for the second column's timestamps.