VSI is updating the way RecTrac Activity Sections are converted to Group Names in ePACT. Based on customer feedback, more detailed identifying information is now being added to the Group Names being created in ePACT. A joint user-study conducted with several early adopters of the integration suggested Group Names were not easily identifiable to the group administrators interacting with groups in ePACT on a regular basis.

VSI has written a program for you to export your ePACT enabled activity sections with the current ePACT group name, and what the group name will be after the 3.1.10 update. This file will assist both you and ePACT in creating your new groups and assigning group administrators prior to today.

1. Download the custom ePactNamingConversion program from
below in this article.
2. As a RecTrac Administrator open the Quick Fix Processor from your RecTrac Menu (Management > System Management > Misc Management > Quick Fix Processor).
3. In the Program File field browse to the ePactNamingConversion.r file downloaded in step 1 and click Process.
4. At the “Continue with Quick Fix Processor?” prompt, click the Process Quick Fix button.
5. Wait for the following notification in RecTrac: “Quick Fix Processor: Process is Complete.”
6. In RecTrac go to the Document Center and select “--- All Document Types ---” in the Document Type drop down.
7. Select the ePactNamingConversion.csv file and click Open to download the file.
8. Review the file and remove groups which are no longer valid for your organization. This will typically be groups where the end date has already passed.

Once you have the file ready, please open it and add your the following columns and information:
1. First Name (the group admin's first name)
2. Last Name (the group admins' last name)
3. Email (the Email address of this administrator)

The, simply log in, click on Add Members and then on Send Spreadsheet. Click on browse and select this report, and click on Submit.

Once you have your file ready, we'll take it from there! 


Before the release: Members will be in the group under this format : Year (9999 format) Season ComboKey.
After the release, they will be in the group under this format:  Short Description – Begin Date (mm/dd/yy format) Begin Time (hh:mmA format) – Weekdays (M,Tu,W,Th,F,Sa,Su Format) – Location Code – (ComboKey).

Once the release is out,  we'll remove your old group names to avoid any confusion.

You'll find below the VSI instructions in PDF, the ePACT workflow in PDF and the report you will need to run to get the file of new group names.

If you have any questions- please contact your Customer Success Manager or help@epactnetwork.com.