While it is possible to edit your waivers and consent questions at any time, there are a few things to consider before requesting an edit from your account manager.

How can I minimize the impact to our members? Typically the best time to make changes is in between programs or during a period that has the fewest active members in your All Member Records tab. Sports programs are recommended to review their waivers and consent questions (and make any needed changes) prior to starting each new season.

1. If you don't have automatic Archiving enabled and you need a copy of the member records and/or waivers for retention needs, please be sure to archive them before requesting any changes by following these instructions. To learn more about automatic archiving, please contact your account manager or you can email us.

2. Records that have already been submitted will need to be reconfirmed so the new waivers are signed and the new consent questions answered. This means that all members (or their parents) with records that are submitted or downloaded will need to sign into their ePACT account to review the changes. 

3. Submitted records that haven't been reconfirmed will show the removed or edited waivers/consent questions as Inactive at the bottom of the record.


AFTER CHANGE, Not yet reconfirmed: