Our automated reconfirms will automatically send a reconfirmation request to anyone who you would like to have review their information! For these members, the information they previously submitted pre-populates, so it only takes them a minute or two to ensure it is still up to date.

Auto-reconfirms can be set to send to anyone who’s info is older than X months, for example, anyone who’s information is older than 6 months. Follow these steps to enable and schedule your auto reconfirms:

1) Click 'Organization Settings' under your name in the top right corner

2) Click Auto-Reconfirms in the menu on the left side of the page

3) To enable the Auto-Reconfirms, select 'Yes' under Active

4) Select how often you would like to send reconfirm requests. For example, if you select 3 months, the reconfirm requests will send to any members who submitted their information more than 3 months ago.

5) You can also limit which members receive an auto-reconfirm based on the start date of the groups that they are in. For example, you may only want to send auto-reconfirms to members in your summer camp programs. To do this, set the date range for the groups who's members should be sent a reconfirm request (please note that this is based on the start date of the group and not the end date, and that you must have a start date assigned to your groups for this feature to work).

In the example below, we've set our auto-reconfirms to only send to members in programs that start between July 1, 2018 and August 31, 2018.

6) Click 'Save'

7) You can return to the Auto-Reconfirms section under Organization Settings at anytime to enable or disable auto-reconfirms, or to change any of the scheduling parameters you've set. Don't forget to update these with different program seasons!