ePACT prompts parents or legal guardians to add the other(s) on step 3 Family Info, and asks them if they are at the same address. If they indicate "No", then the other legal guardian will still be able to be connected to their shared dependent, but will not have access to their former's spouse's information. 

If one parent is worried the other parent will change some information without their permission, we recommend only adding the legal guardian's name and phone number, and not email. This will result in the parent's info displaying for emergencies, but will not permit them to edit any information connected to the child. 

If BOTH parents wish to complete the record separately, we recommend creating a new record  in your registration system, with a separate Member ID. This will prevent the second record from being disconnected when you upload a list or make an API call as this syncs to your registration system data to ePACT. 

If you are unable to do this, then you will need to manually track these duplicates and revert them back after each import. Adding an "xx" in front of their member ID when creating the second record will assist you in quickly identifying these records and reverting them back after an upload. You'll need to go to the Disconnected Tab and search for "xx", select all and then click on Revert members.