ePACT's Communication Tools allow our organizations and communities to reach their members and residents as quickly as possible. If you've shared your phone number via ePACT, or verified your mobile number to receive text messages, these are the phone numbers from which you could receive an alert from your organization or community.

1) +1-778-400-2024

2) +1-778-400-2196

3) +1-778-400-2214

4) +1-778-400-2238

5) +1-778-400-2071

6) +1-778-400-2195

7) +1-778-400-2279

8) +1-778-400-2261

9) +1-778-400-1983

10) +1-778-400-2278

Please Note: If you are not receiving alerts due to your "Do Not disturb" phone settings, you can add these numbers to your list of priority numbers or emergency bypass numbers so the notifications are treated as a priority.