The status column will help you figure out who’s completed their emergency information.

To be invited – Member has been added to the system, but has not been sent an email request to share their emergency information. 

Invited – The member has been sent an email request but hasn’t accepted yet. 

Outstanding – The member has not yet completed their emergency information.

Reconfirmation The member has been sent an email request to reconfirm their information or answer/accept a new question/waiver. 

Submitted – The member’s emergency information is ready to be viewed and/or printed. 

Downloaded – The member’s emergency information has been downloaded. (Note the last date downloaded in the next column.) 

Using Paper Form – Member completed their emergency information via paper form. (Note: members in this status will not receive email notifications.)

Unlinked – The member has disconnected from your organization. You’ll still have access to their record if they have shared it with you.

If a member makes any changes to emergency information after their file has been downloaded, their status will change back to Submitted, followed by the date of the last time is was downloaded.