Creating a Group 

  • Select the Groups tab
  • Click the green Create Group button
  • Choose a Group Name and click Next



The only required information for creating a group is Group Name. 

There is also the ability to prevent a group from being edited by future API syncs or spreadsheet uploads simply by checking the checkbox beside "Locked (Allow only manual changes)". Please see How do I lock a custom group from being edited? for more detail on why you might wish to use this manual sub-group creation functionality.

Adding members to a group

To add members to a group, either manually select members or use the Advanced Search and Filter tool. Please see What parameters can I use to search/filter members of my organization? for details on utilizing the Advanced Search and Filter tool.


  • Check off the members to be added to the group, then click the More Actions button 
  • Choose Add to Group



  • Either search for your group name or use the drop-down list to select the group
  • Click Submit