To send a voice message to members, please follow these steps.

1. Select the members who you would like to contact and click Message Members. 

2. In the drop down menu, choose between a General or Emergency message. (When your members answer the call, it will state the type of message followed by the name of your organization).


3. Choose your recipients. Messages will only go to legal guardians, however, they can also be sent to their emergency contacts. Click Review Message to proceed.

4. Add your email message first. All voice messages must be accompanied by an email message. To save time, simply write your message in this box first, and copy and paste it into the Voice Messaging box below. If your dashboard is enabled for Multi-Lingual, click Next to construct the message in the alternate language(s). Then click Preview Message for a final review.

Please note there is a 1500 character limit (including spaces) for voice messages and 3000 character limit (including html tags) for email messages.



5. When you're ready, click on Send Message