When a member record is unlinked, this means the member has chosen to disconnect themselves from your organization. Their record will likely then be moved from the All Member Records tab to the Disconnected tab assuming they have cancelled their registration.

If you see an unlinked record in your All Member Records tab, they've either unlinked themselves accidentally or have been reverted by one of your Administrators, activated back to the All Member Records with your most recent upload, or moved back via the API.

You then have 2 options:

You can remove them from your organization by selecting them, and clicking Remove Members on the Disconnected tab. This should be done if they have left your organization or have asked you to remove them from ePACT.

2. If the member disconnected from your organization unintentionally, you can send them a new invite. First, go to the Disconnected Tab, select the member, and then click Revert Members. Then you'll need to return to the All Member Records tab and click the Edit icon for the member under Actions. Scroll down to the Administrator Tools section and click Reset Member. You can then send the member a new invite - they will need to accept this invitation and click on the Share button to give you back access to their information.