You'll notice 2 new administrator tools when you click the Edit icon for a member:


Decline member means the member or their parent has declined to use ePACT and you wish to stop all communications with them from ePACT. (If they submitted paper forms, but still want to receive general or emergency communications on ePACT, please denote "Using Paper Forms" instead.)


Reset Member allows you to do 2 things:


  • If someone has declined, and now has changed their mind, click on Reset Member to switch their status back to To Be Invited and then send them an invite.


  • If a member is in "Outstanding", but now wants to use a different email address to complete the record - click on Reset Member and this will revert the member back to "To Be Invited". Add, edit or remove the email address that does not want to be used, click Save and then send the member a new invite.

This can be especially useful if one parent accepted the invite (so have their email listed as a Verified Email), but now wants the other parent to complete it.