Advanced Reporting that will allow you to create Pick-Up Lists reports in a spreadsheet format. These can be useful if you need to collect signatures, or if the person releasing the participants should not have access to all their emergency and medical info.

To create an Pick-Up List report, please follow these simple instructions or watch the video located at the bottom of the page.

1. Select the group via the Groups tab.

2. Click on Select Page or Select All.

3. Click on More Actions Export List.

4. Select all the info you need. We recommend adding the following as all of these are usually allowed to pick-up the child:

Names & Phone Numbers of Legal Guardians

Names & Phone Numbers of Emergency Contacts

Names & Phone Numbers of Pick-Up Contacts

5. Click on Export, followed by Return to Dashboard. An email will alert you when it's ready- but you can also go view it directly by clicking on the Account Activity Log - View.

6. On this page, click on View, in the Actions column. 

7.  This is the summary page. Click on Download File to create your spreadsheet. You're done!