ePACT administrators can upload files to a member profile to keep everything in one place. For example, you can upload a copy of a signed immunization record, permission to administer medication, doctor's report, or even specific waivers to the Files area.

PLEASE NOTE: While administrators can upload a file to a member's profile with their organization, they cannot upload a file to a member's record to satisfy a requirement when completing an online recordPlease
CLICK HERE for instructions to upload a file when completing an online record. 

 1. Click on the files icon in the Actions column for the selected member.

2. Click on Upload File.

3. You will see the possible types of files you can upload. Select the right category and click on Browse Files.

 4. Select the file and click Open. It will appear under the correct category. 

Please note that all administrators will be able to see this file, but not legal guardians for the member.

5. Click "Back" to return to the Files page.

6. You'll see the file you uploaded on the left side of the page. This file will also be accessible on the ePACT Admin App app when the mobile device has an internet connection.