Welcome to ePACT

Our software allows registered users to build support networks of family, friends, caregivers and organizations, to store and exchange information, and to access communication tools for greater interaction and preparation in the course of their participation in programs and services offered by organizations registered with ePACT including, for example a municipality, school or daycare, and in the event of an emergency (collectively, the “Services”).

The organization(s) you choose to connect with through the services, will request that you provide additional personal information about yourself, your dependents and members of your support network, which may include mailing address, telephone number, email address, medical and dietary information, photographs, age and date of birth, skills and capabilities in an emergency. Other details may be requested if relevant in an emergency or to the program or service being provided to you by such organization.


Step 1: Accept Invite
When you register with an organization, you will receive the following email below from ePACT.

Click the orange  Complete Request  at the bottom of the email to get started.

Invitation Email Preview: 

Step 2: Create Account

You MUST create an ePACT account after registration. If you did not perform this step you will NOT be able to login to complete the form, regardless of how many times you reset your password. Accounts are NOT automatically created and need to manually be created by you AFTER you have accepted the invite.

1.  Get started creating your account then Enter First Name, Last Name, Email and Create Password: 

Please note: A minimum 10 characters At least ONE of the following: a special character (e.g. @, #, $, %), or a capital letter, or a number

2. Make sure to tick the I accept the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy *

3. Optional -Please send me emergency preparedness information, tips and resources.

4. At the bottom of the page, you can select what language you want to fill out the form in (Not all orgs support multi-language)
5. Click
 Sign Up

Step 3: Verify Account & Login

You will then get an email asking you to verify your email address. Click "Verify Email"

Step 4: Click "My Requests" tab

Once verified, you should be able to login to your ePACT account and get started completing the emergency information. Click the "My Requests" On the top left hand corner of the sign in screen. (If you aren't already under the invitations page). The my requests tab will have any invitations, or reconfirmations available if you have any outstanding records.

Step 5:  Accept Invite

 Under Invitations you can Accept the invite for the specific Child.


Step 2: Create Account