Welcome back to ePACT! 

If you have previously completed an ePACT form for your child to attend a program by an organization that uses ePACT, you may get an email with the subject line Confirm Emergency Information for (child name) upon registering the same child for another program put on by that same organization.

For example:

How to accept a reconfirmation request

Upon receipt of this email, click the orange Confirm Emergency Information link, you can then sign back into your account and complete the required information requested by your organization.

In case you can't access your reconfirmation request, you can also Login to your ePACT account and get started completing the emergency information. Click the "My Requests" On the top left hand corner of the sign in screen. 

The my requests tab will have any invitations, or reconfirmations available if you have any outstanding records.

 Under Invitations you can 
click "Complete Request" on the specific Child.

If you have forgotten your account password, you can visit this article below to help you reset your password for your login.