If a member/members are added to or removed from a group after a check in sheet has been created, you will need to re-sync the sheet to this group to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. As well, if you add a new admin to the group and want to give them access to an existing sheet, you will also need re-sync the sheet. 

 To do this you'll need to:

1) Navigate to the 'Check-In/Out Sheets' page in your app, and click the three dots next to the sheet you need to sync. 

2) From the menu that appears, select 'Sync Members'. You will receive a prompt asking if you would like to keep the check-in status of your sheet's members.

If the sheet is currently active, and you just need to add a new member to it, simply select 'Yes' to leave active member statuses as they are. 

If, however, you've made an error in the check-in process and need to reset the sheet completely, you can select 'No'.

You will then receive a prompt letting you know that the sync has been performed successfully.