Health Screening & Temperature Tracking

Conduct Daily Health Screening and Temperature right at check in. Members can also complete this ahead of time to save you time.

Contactless QR Code Check in

Contacts go to and log into ePACT as usual to access a secure QR code that can be used for contactless check in. 

Health screening and temperature tracking question to be completed by families ahead of time are also available here.

Quick Summary, Absent Status, Sheet History

Quick summary is available for each sheet. You can also now denote a member as absent and access their history for this sheet (and a shortcut to their record) by clicking on their name, followed by "History".

Control whether or not signature is collected at check in or check out. 

Admin Check In Check Out

Admins can now check members in themselves to diminish contact with devices. The default "contact" is now the logged in administrator. (Please note that you can adjust your Check In Check Out Setting to remove the collection of initials or signatures. The admin's name will show as the person who checked in the member on the archives).

Batch Check In & Out

Admins can now batch check in or out  a few members at a time or everyone at once! This is to assist in speeding up processes and to account for when admins release or check in all members at once, say before or after school. If an admin later realizes they checked in a member who is absent, they can change their status and will be prompted to provide a reason. 

Better Archives

We've made some improvements to our reports, both CSV and PDFs to clearly reflect who was the logged in administrator, who checked them in or out and any notes the may have added.