There are two administrative permission levels in ePACT: Organizational Administrator (Org Admin) and Group Administrator (Group Admin).

Org Admins have full access to all aspects of your ePACT dashboard. Group Admins have more limited capabilities and viewing of the dashboard. See this help article for full Group Admin capabilities.


There are 3 statuses for all administrators:

  • To Be Invited: they have been added to ePACT but haven't been invited yet.
  • Invited: they have been sent an invite, but haven't accepted it yet.
  • Accepted: they have accepted their invite and can see members- if they are an organization admin or if they are a group admin that is currently assigned to a group(s).

Access Level & Connected

This column allows you to quickly see if the individual is a Group Admin or an Organizational Admin. If the individual is a Group Admin, you will be able to see how many groups they are currently connected to under "Connected".

Org Admins, because they are connected to all groups, have a "-" in this column.

Quick Tasks & Reminders

Both Group Admins and Org Admins can be invited and sent reminders together. "Quick tasks" provides shortcuts for you to see who is To Be Invited, who is Outstanding (not accepted yet) and which admins are not assigned a group (Without a Group).


The filter gives the same functionality as on the All Member Records tab, with the ability to select the appropriate Admin Status and Access Levels.