After receiving feedback, we've made some improvements to Group Admin Invites!

Past behavior:

- Group admins had to be added to a group in order for them to be invited to your organization.
- Group admins had to accept invites for EACH group they were added to within your org.
- If a group admin was added to a new group, a new invite had to be sent and accepted before they gained access to the new group's members.
- Group Admins had to be invited separately from Organization Admins.
- The dashboard reflected statuses of Pending and Connected, and a small orange symbol denoted when they need to be invited.

NEW behavior:

- Group admins can be added and invited to your organization without being connected to a group first.
- Group admins only need to accept one invite for your organization, instead of an individual one for each group you add them to.
-  If a group admin was added to a new group, they will now immediately have access to those member's information.
- Group and Organization Admins can be invited at the same time.
- The admin tab in your dashboard now has statuses similar to members- To Be Invited, Invited, and Accepted.
- If a group admin has accepted an invitation for your organization, but they aren't assigned to a group yet, when they log in they will see a red message indicating they aren't associated with a group yet.

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