What permissions does a Group Admin have?

Group Admins can only access those members of groups they are assigned to or groups they create. Compared to Org Admins, Group Admins experience a more limited view of the ePACT Admin Dashboard and limited access level to a dashboard's functionality and features.

A group administrator can:

  • View and download the records of their group members
  • Send Invite, Reminder and Reconfirmation communications.
  • Send general or emergency messages to their group members, their emergency contacts and/or out of area contacts
  • Create Groups and add/remove members
  • Use the Advanced Search and Filter tool across multiple groups they are responsible for, or just one group as needed
  • Edit profile information for members of their group, e.g. email or session
  • Switch a member of their group to Using Paper Forms (and then back to Using ePACT).
  • Add comments only visible to other Administrators
  • Upload files or documents
  • Export lists, e.g. pick-up reports

Key to Note:

  • Group admins can be added and invited to your organization without being connected to a group first.
  • Group admins only need to accept one invite for your organization; they do not need an indiviudal invitation for each group you add them to. See How do I add an admin to a group if they are already connected to my organization? for more detail.
  • If a group admin is added to a new group, they will immediately have access to those members' information.
  • Group Admins and Organization Admins can be invited at the same time.
  • If a group admin has accepted an invitation for your organization but are not yet assigned to a group, when they othey will see a red message indicating they aren't yet associated with a group.