We’ve updated the way we collect emergency contacts' addresses and parent/legal guardian's work information, moving from a text box to a more complete table that will make it easier for you to review and confirm this information.

Your organization will have sent you a request to reconfirm to re-add these addresses in the new table fields. However, if your contact has already accepted, then you will not be able to add it on their behalf as they now control their own account. A linked contact will have a green check mark next to their name:

What to Do:

As your organization requires this information, you will need to add it in one of the two following ways:

OPTION 1: Contact your Emergency Contact or other Parent/Legal Guardian and ask them to update their address in ePACT. (skip to option 2)

1. They will need to log into ePACT at https://www.epactnetwork.com/us/login.

2. Once logged in, they can click Me under their name in the My Household section.


3. They can then click Add to or edit personal profile


4. They can add their address (or work address for legal guardians) and click Continue at the bottom to save the changes. Once the required information has been added and saved, they will no longer be flagged as incomplete in your child's record.

OPTION 2: Remove the emergency contact or parent/legal guardian and re-add them with the their address using the following steps:

1. Log into your ePACT account at https://www.epactnetwork/us/login

(to remove a parent/legal guardian, please use 
CLICK HERE, follow the steps, then click Add New Legal Guardian on the Family Info step, and add the other parent/legal guardian again with the required information.)

2. Click Complete Request and go to the Emergency Contacts step

3. Click Edit/Remove and then Remove under the emergency contact you're removing. 

4. Next, click Add New Emergency Contact and re-add the emergency contact's information with their address included.