If your organization has requested your information via ePACT, you must connect with them by clicking the orange Complete Request button in the invite email sent by your organization. If you didn't receive it, and you've checked your Spam/Junk folders, contact your organization to confirm the email address they're using, and they'll be able to send you another request.

Once you've connected with your organization and filled in your emergency details, don't forget to click the Share button on the last step of the online form. 

Cellphone numbers and other details change all the time, so don't forget to log into ePACT and update your information when applicable. That way, your organization will always have your up-to-date information. 

If your employer is not using ePACT yet, refer your organization to get started! 

You can also print a copy of your profile by clicking on your name, Personal Profile, and then click Download Record to download a PDF copy of your record.