With ePACT v3.7.8, when creating the Check-in/Check-out sheet in the ePACT Admin App, you are able to select multiple groups to sync with one CICO sheet.

1. From the check in/out members module of the ePACT Admin App, click Create Sheet:

2. Select the groups you wish to sync to the new CICO sheet:

3. Name your new CICO sheet, enter a sheet start date (optional) and turn the sheet on (optional):

4. When a previously-created CICO sheet is resynced, the group(s) previously synced to the sheet will show by default. You have the option to keep them selected or un-select them. 

Note by default the current status of all members of a previously-synced CICO sheet will be maintained when resyncing the sheet. If the previous status' are wished to be reset, the ePACT Admin should use the Reset member's status action, so that the status change is recorded in the CICO archives.