Not currently, but this is an improvement that is coming. However, there is a workaround for organizations that may or may not work, depending on whether or not you are using an API or lists. 

1. Go to your ePACT Dashboard and open the filter. Search for the groups or members you need. 

2. Click on Select All followed by More Actions>Add to Group.

3. Click on Create New Group and give this group a name that will be easy to find. Please note that as our groups are listed in alphanumerical order, you can add a symbol like an asterisk, '*', to have the group appear at the top.

4. Then, go to the app. Be sure to "Update Member Records" so that this new group will available to be chosen. 

5. Create a new Check In Sheet as per usual:

6. You now have a sheet for multiple groups. If the API or list is uploaded, it will remove the members from this "New" group, but these are not automatically updated on the sheets- so you will still be able to check members in and out for that day. Be sure to then activate your sheet, but do NOT sync it .

7. Make sure to delete these temporary manually created groups to keep your account clean.