There are several benefits of replacing paper emergency forms with ePACT:

  • Security. Your information is stored more securely than banking institutions. Paper forms can be misplaced and lost. With ePACT, your information remains in one secure location, that you can control.

  • Efficiency. You enter information only once. After that, every time your organizations ask for emergency information, you only have to update out-of-date information. And every subsequent year or season, you only need to review the information, saving time!

  • Redundancy of information. Organizations can still print paper copies, as well have access to information via mobile, tablet, or computer. They can also keep electronic archives in case of a large scale emergency.

  • Greater support from family members and emergency contacts. In an emergency, contacts already know responsibilities and have access to the appropriate information in order to help. You can use family messaging on the app to communicate quickly and efficiently with all your support network.

  • Quality. Information is clear, complete, and legible. If you change any information, your organizations are automatically alerted of an update.

  • Green. Reduction in paper waste.