It's very important that each request you receive from the organization correctly matches the dependent. Each request is customized to each participant. If you accept a request using a different dependent, the organization will get the wrong data for each child and the camp session, class, or sports team staff may have the wrong child's emergency record. 

For example if Melinda Smith is participating in Skateboarding Week 1, and her brother Graham Smith is attending Lego Camp Week 1- accepting Melinda's request using Graham's profile means that the Skateboarding Camp will have access to Graham's information and not Melinda's. 

ePACT will help you out by making an educated guess on which dependent the request is for. If we've guessed incorrectly, please choose "No, select a different dependent".

We'll then show you all your dependents. But if one is missing, please click on "Add and accept". PLEASE DO NOT SELECT AN EXISTING CHILD AND CHANGE THE NAME.