Many organizations require that you add a signature to a specific document and then upload it to ePACT. Or perhaps, a new allergy was discovered and now you need to add an allergy plan after your shared your dependent's information with a specific organization. IF YOU NEED A FILE FROM YOUR ORGANIZATION, PLEASE LOOK UP YOUR ORGANIZATION IN THE HELP CENTER TO SEE WHICH FILES MAY BE AVAILABLE AND ONCE IT'S READY- FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.

To add a document or file after you've shared, please follow these simple steps:

1. Log in at

 2. Click on your dependent's name. Choose "Personal Profile".

 3. Click on "Files" tab.


4. Click on "Upload file" and then on Browse file.

5.  Choose the correct file and add a description- the description should be specific so you know what this file is for future use. Click on Upload. YOU STILL NEED TO SHARE WITH ORGANIZATION IN THE NEXT STEP.


6. You'll see this message once the file is uploaded- click on "Share" or you can also click on the 3dots on the left and choose "Share" if it's an existing file. 

7.  Choose your organization that needs this file. 

8. Choose the file type- you will see all Shared Files categories you organization has enabled. If you don't see one that matches, choose Other instead. 

9. Click on Share and then on Share again if you are ready. PLEASE NOTE THAT SHARED FILES CANNOT BE UNSHARED OR DELETED.