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  • Logging into ePACT
  • Dashboard Review
  • Filtering
  • Reporting
  • Sending Messages

Using the App:

  • Updating Member Records
  • Viewing records, adding comments
  • Messaging on the app
  • Check in Members- Creating Sheets
  • Checking in/out a member in 3 ways

Want More?

Sign up for Level 2 that focuses mainly on COVID-19 Tools like contactless check in/out, prescreening, health screening, and temperature tracking.


Family App:

  • How parents answer prescreening health questions and where they get the QR code

Admin App:

  • Logging into App
  • Creating sheets, syncing sheets
  • Review of statuses and what you see
  • Check in/out member QR Code
  • Check in/out Member - legal guardian
  • Failed health Screening- Denying admittance
  • Marking someone absent
  • Viewing health questions, history of sheet
  • Take quick Attendance
  • Batch check in/out - Admin¬†
  • Archive the sheet