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1. Organization Settings 

  • Basic Info page
  • Auto -reminders
  • Auto- reconfirms
  • Adding or updating Waivers
  • Adding or updating Consents
  • Check in Settings 
  • Health Screening Settings

2. Uploading Sheets for members & Admins

3. Using the App

  • Accessing Records & offline
  • Using the App- Setting up Sheets (Syncing )
  • Check in / w Health Screening
  • Viewing members questions
  • CICO Archives

Download Materials here

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Sign up for Level 1 training where the following topics will be covered:

Dashboard overview:

  • Tabs
  • Statuses, Action Icons
  • Downloading records & files
  • Messaging- Including Roll Call
  • Merging Duplicates
  • Filtering
  • Reporting
  • Managing your Disconnected Tab
  • Admin tab (Adding admins manually)
  • Accessing records in Auto-archiving

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